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AmeriBar's Missouri Bar Exam Complete Course Information

The complete course will prepare you for the all portions of the bar exam.  AmeriBar's Complete Missouri Home Study Program includes:

  1. AmeriBar's Missouri Essay Master Course (over 20 hours of audio lectures)
  2. AmeriBar's Multistate Bar Exam Course (over 40 hours of audio lectures)
  3. AmeriBar's Multistate Performance Test Course

Completely Updated including

Coverage of Recent Exam Changes


Greg discusses how AmeriBar helped him pass the Missouri bar exam

AmeriBar Course Books included in Complete Course




Listen to sample lectures and view pages from outlines.



Essay Master Course




  Essay Subject Outline Book


The Missouri outline book contains outlines for all non-Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) subjects testable on the essay portion of the Missouri Bar Exam.  This book, along with the MBE course, contain the law you need to know in order to pass the Missouri Bar Exam.  The focus of the outlines is on testability.  The outline book contains an intuitive starring system, which highlights important exam topics for efficient study.  As a result, you will be more efficient with your study time.  Free up some time to perfect your approach to essay writing. 



Agency & Partnership Conflict of Laws Secured Transactions
Civil Procedure (Federal) Corporations and LLCs Trusts
Commercial Paper Domestic Relations Wills

Listen to samples of lectures and view pages from outlines.

Multistate Essay Exam Released Questions

The Multistate Essay Examination ("MEE") is administered in Missouri.  AmeriBar's MEE essay books contain the best resource for essay exam preparation - actual past MEE essay questions (over one hundred).   Students are also provided with a model analysis for each question.  One of the most effective ways to prepare for the MEE is to practice answering past essay questions.  By reviewing past questions, students learn which issues are often tested, and how common issues should be resolved. 




 Strategy Workshop Lectures


The strategy workshop is designed to teach students the strategies and techniques required to pass the exam.    The workshop covers both study strategies and essay writing techniques.  Learn how to use effective legal writing strategies to your advantage.  The lectures help students utilize legal writing techniques to maximize points when drafting essay answers.  The workshop covers everything from how to set up your study schedule, to what to do each day to prepare.  It also contains strategies on how to prepare for and write a bar exam essay answer.  The workshop has been prepared with the retaker in mind, but is incredibly useful for all examinees.

Substantive Law Lectures

The course comes with online access to dozens of hours of online audio lectures covering all of the non-MBE subjects tested on the essay exam.  As with the outlines, our subject lectures are designed to focus on what you need to know to pass the exam. Listen to samples of lectures and view pages from outlines.


Completely Updated to include Coverage of Recent Test Changes


The scope of the essay exam has recently changed.  Don't worry, AmeriBar has it covered.  Our materials are updated constantly and contain coverage of all testable subjects.


Multistate Bar Exam Course


Course Outline Book


The MBE Course contains a 500 page outline book covering all of the subjects tested on the MBE.  This book is specifically developed and updated to address the scope of testing of the MBE.  We started with the scope of testability provided by the examiners and refined it with specialized knowledge of testing patterns.  As with all of our materials, the focus of the outline book is on testability.  It covers the concepts that you must know in order to pass the exam.  Listen to samples of lectures and view pages from outlines



Over 40 Online Audio Lecture Hours


Students of the MBE Course are provided with access to substantive law online audio lectures covering all six topics tested on the MBE.  The lectures are available online, so they can be used at home, at work, or just about anywhere that you have an internet connection. The lectures are comprehensive, covering the topics spanning the scope of testing on the MBE.  As with the outlines, the lectures focus on testability.  The lectures covering the MBE subjects are over 40 hours in duration.  Listen to samples of lectures and view pages from outlines



Over 2400 Released & Practice Questions with Answers and Explanations


The MBE Course contains a practice question book with over 1400 released exam questions.  It also includes a book with the answers and explanations for these questions.  The questions include the most recently released MBE Annotated - a 100 question set covering all subjects on the exam.  The questions in the Released Questions book are questions that have actually appeared on the MultiState Bar Examination.  Because they are actual past questions, they are reflective of both the type of question you will face on the exam, as well as the issues you are likely to encounter.  


Bonus Online Question Databank Access


For a limited time, students who enroll in the MBE Course (or Complete Course) will also receive access to AmeriBar's online MBE practice question databank.  The online questions can be accessed by a web browser anywhere an internet connection is available.  Students can complete practice MBE questions online covering any of the MBE subjects, obtain automatic feedback regarding answers, and track their performance over multiple question sets.  The databank contains all of the released questions in the Released Question book, as well as an additional 1000 practice questionsThis $289 value is included absolutely free.


Multistate Performance Test Course


Online MPT Workshop Audio Lectures


The MPT strategy workshop teaches students the strategies and techniques required to master the MPT.  The workshop details the different types of MPT questions, including the difference between objective, persuasive, and fact-driven questions We also provide a framework for answering these types of MPT questions.  Students also receive a step-by-step process for answering any MPT question.   The process assists students with one of the most difficult skills to master when taking the MPT - time management.  The workshop also contains comprehensive analyses of three actual recent MPT Questions.



MPT Released Questions Book


AmeriBar's MPT Course includes AmeriBar's Released MPT Questions book.   This book contains eight actual past MPT questions.  It also contains the grader point sheets for these MPT questions.  MPT questions can be quite lengthy, as each question is designed to be answered in 90 minutes.  For additional questions, students also receive online access to AmeriBar's Released MPT Questions Databank.


Online Access to AmeriBar's Released MPT Questions Databank (Every Question Ever Released)


Students will also receive access to AmeriBar's Released MPT Questions Databank.  MPT questions and point sheets are available in pdf format.  When you have access to AmeriBar's Released MPT Questions Databank, every MPT question ever released will be only a download away. 


Additional Complete Course Details


iPod Upgrade Rental Option

Now you can upgrade and receive audio lectures on an Apple iPod Nano. Listen to the course audio lectures anywhere you can carry an iPod.   The iPod rental program is designed to help you take the lectures with you, wherever you decide to study.  For details regarding the iPod rental option, please check our FAQ.

Sample Study Calendars

The course contains AmeriBar's sample study calendars. The calendars detail what subjects students should study, as well as what students should accomplish on a daily basis. Study calendars are available for different study timeframes.  

Telephone Support

If you have any questions about the law, the study process, or anything else related to your bar exam preparation, one of our attorney mentors is just a telephone call away. 


Interactivity Options

Although the Standard Package is sufficient for many students, some students desire a greater degree of interactivity.  AmeriBar offers three course options.

Standard Package

The Standard Package contains all Complete Course information detailed above. An Apple iPod Nano with all course audio lectures may be added separately.  The cost of the Standard Package is $1295.

Standard Package with Essay Critiques

The Standard Package with Essay Critiques contains all Complete Course information detailed above plus AmeriBar's Written Essay Critique Service.  An Apple iPod Nano with all course audio lectures may be added separately for a discounted price.  The cost of the Standard Package with Essay Critiques is $1595.

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package contains all Complete Course information detailed above, an Apple iPod Nano rental with all course lectures at no additional cost, plus seven intensive one-hour telephone tutoring sessions.  The cost of the Platinum Package is $2695.




We often receive emails from students who have used the course.  Excerpts are found throughout our website.  Here is on we received recently from a successful Missouri examinee.

I thought the outlines included everything I needed to pass the Missouri Bar. I was able to use the priority system AmeriBar uses to organize my outlines and include only the topics that were most likely to appear on the exam, and then memorize those topics. . . . At bottom, I was more than satisfied with AmeriBar. I was working at a clerkship while studying for the exam, and AmeriBar allowed me to easily prioritize my studying while giving me all the information necessary. Thanks!

G.L. - July 2010 Examinee

Here is another testimonial.

I want to thank AmeriBar. I just found out that I finally passed the MO bar after five previous attempts. I had taken a traditional bar review course and another essay review course previously, but nothing prepared me for the exam quite like AmeriBar. I felt truly prepared and confident this time and I know that the superior review I received from AmeriBar was paramount to my success. I really can’t thank you enough!!!!

July 2008 Examinee

Here is another testimonial.

I would like to express my appreciation to the writers, editors and staff of AmeriBar.  I received word last Wednesday that I passed the Missouri bar.  My story differs from the average test taker in that I . . . went to an international law school in South Korea.  

Because of the school's location and recent founding (2002), it is yet to become ABA approved.  Thus, graduates of the school can only sit for bar exams where a foreign equivalency review is permitted.  Missouri is one of those states and by petition we received word that I would be permitted to sit for the bar. The good news came on July 5th, however, less than three weeks before the exam.   

Soon thereafter, I ordered Ameribar's essay prep course.  Because it takes more than two weeks to receive packages in Korea as other methods of delivery are prohibitively expensive for a poor law student, I sent my order to my hometown Miami, FL where I would arrive late at night on July 14th. Because of time constraints, I was unable to utilize anything but the law explanation and sample essay books, which I started on the 15th in conjunction with the PLI MBE book.  In that short time, I was able to grasp enough knowledge and understanding to make a satisfactory showing on the bar.  I am sure that my success was in part due to Ameribar's unique approach toward focusing on testable matters.  Additionally, the starred portions helped me to recognize important principles and apply those on the exam.   

In conclusion, please keep up the good work.  I am going to write a report to my law school on my experience taking the bar (as it was a new jurisdiction for us) and I will be happy to share this information with them.   


E. W. - July 2006 Examinee



AmeriBar constantly monitors past bar exams questions and testing trends.  Our materials are focused on testable points of law.  Therefore, you will not waste hours of your study time learning extraneous information.  Utilize your time efficiently.


Are you are a retaker who enrolled in a traditional bar review course the last time you sat for the exam, but were unsuccessful? It is likely that you spent too much time reviewing your knowledge of the law, and not enough time learning how to write essay answers or adequately prepare for the MBE.  It is likely that you studied inefficiently. Instead of spending dozens or even hundreds of hours listening to mind-numbing lectures of the law, learn how to spend your time efficiently learning the law you need to know in order to pass.  In fact, one of our recent students who had previously taken a traditional review course (and failed his exam) let us know that the best part of AmeriBar's program was that he actually studied less and passed! Focus on the law you need to know, and spend the rest of your time learning how to apply your knowledge to the questions presented by the bar examiners.









"I love your course. I've recommended it to several other students, and I will continue to recommend it."


"The lectures were concise and focused on the important points, which allowed me to learn the new areas of law with the least effort, and efficiently refresh my memory on the other areas."


"[The course is] more condensed and focused on the basics of the black letter law, and on helping students develop a test writing strategy."


"I really liked it when the instructor did more than teach the subject as it would be taught in law school. I liked when they gave tips about the way questions on previous tests were handled and advice for choosing the right answer if the question was confusing."


"I was glad to find this review to help me prepare for the exam and refresh my memory . . . at a price that did not break the bank."
































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